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Are you still using 500 year old Golf Equipment?

 Since the invention of golf in the 15th century golfers have used a bag to carry their golf clubs. Early bags were nothing more than a single tube that held all the clubs and had a carrying handle or strap. The only major changes since then have been adding sections to the large central cavity of varying shapes and sizes for individual golf clubs (club wells) and the additions of various pockets and compartments on the outside of the bag to hold accessories. The head of the golf club and some length of the shaft protrude from the top of the golf bag. The golf clubs can move around within the club well, spin freely and contact each other. There is no set place for each specific club in the golf bag and clubs can get mixed around, mixed together and become an inconvenience to locate or remove. 


Golf is a sport of constant innovation. Every year sees improvements to clubs, balls, clothing, footwear and accessories. The golf bag itself has changed very little, until now...


Introducing the SHOOTZ golf club holder and organizer


The SHOOTZ Golf club holder and organizer is an accessory for a golf bag that solves major issues inherent with current golf bag designs and prior attempts to improve them. It protects the club for the entire length of the club shaft, it prevents the clubs from contacting each other during normal usage and it keeps golf clubs organized by providing a specific place for each club in the golf bag. It is a simple light weight single piece design with no moving parts and will universally fit most golf bags. It is installed without clamps, adhesives or any modifications to the golf bag. The golf club is held in place by gravity alone without the need for magnets, clamps or any type of friction device. Each individual unit is made to suit a specific club. It is not attached to the bag by any means and is easily removable and can be arranged to best suit the various size and locations of the club well dividers in differing golf bags.


The problem with Golf Bags

Whether you are carrying them, using a push cart or a power cart your clubs are constantly rattling against each other. The noise of 2 bags on the back of a moving power cart can be past the point of irritation. It is also damaging the head of the club and the shafts of longer clubs.

Try as you may to keep them organized they always seem to get mixed up. Can't find your six iron? It's jammed in the same well as your pitching wedge and now you have to tug to get it out.

This product offers both convenience and protection for your expensive clubs.


What's in Tiger's bag?

  Some very expensive new technology we probably can't afford. What we can tell from this picture however is that they are beat up, tangled up and mixed up. There have been hundreds of patents filed over the years for devices claiming to solve these issues. None have been to market. They are overly complicated, therefore expensive, require modifications to the golf bag, they have mechanical and moving parts and are not easily adaptable to different golf bags.

The SHOOTZ golf club holder and organizer is none of those. It is simple, cheap and effective.


Simple is better

 A tube, a block and a wedge.The tube goes into the club well, the wedge holds the club in the tube and the block keeps the unit in place. Computer modeled for all standard club lofts and shaft lengths. Universally sized to fit most golf bags. Purchased individually for the clubs in your bag. They will be available for left and right handed golf clubs. 

Check out this short video that will tell you a bit more about this amazing innovation.