Fitment and Usage

Golf bag dimensions

Golf bags are all the same, but different.

When designing this product we tested, viewed and measured almost every golf bag from every major manufacturer. In a perfect world a golf bag would have evenly spaced straight and level club wells. This is never the case. We found there was no end to the configurations of the club wells but they all had a few things in common and we designed this product to fit. They had ± 2" between club wells and an 8 to 9" overall width.

Club holders in white

Here is the same bag with the SHOOTZ golf club organizers installed. One of our worse case scenario golf bags. This Ogio brand bag was closer to 9" wide so there is a slight gap between blocks but they cannot rotate in the well and function perfectly. The clubs are easy to remove and cannot contact each other.

SHOOTZ 7 iron removed from bag.

How does it work?

Pictured is a SHOOTZ 7 iron. Club goes in the tube, tube goes in the bag, that simple. You can arrange these any way you like to suit your bag configuration. Changing the arrangement takes seconds. An optimal configuration puts a shorter shafted club in front of a longer shafted club to make removal and replacement of the club easier. These units will out last your golf bag and transfer in seconds to your new one.

This isn't Jenny's block

It's what makes this product work. The block fits each separate unit snugly together in the golf bag and stops the unit from rotating in the club well. Having an individual unit for each club allows for a universal fit.

Why the long face?

The face of the block is curved to give extra support to the club and the underside of the curved face is notched to allow it to sit above the block in front in certain situations.

Not that wedge

The wedge shape in the face of the block is where the club sits. The club rests on it's top line and is also supported along the face of the club. The club sits loosely in the wedge for easy removal but it will not pop out or contact other clubs even under extreme shaking or movement.

Tube schmoob

Golf tubes have been around a long time but they were only as long as the bag height. All they did was make sliding the club in and out easier. This does that too. This tube is long enough to protect the entire club and allow the block to support the club by the head. Tube length varies by club. This staggered length allows the clubs to be arranged for minimal interference when inserting or removing the club.

A note on golf clubs

Golf clubs are somewhat standardized. But there are slight variations in head shape, shaft length and face angle, even among the same manufacturer. This product has been designed and tested with game improvement clubs, players clubs and blades. The tube is longer than standard to allow for over length club shafts.

Case study - Worst case


That's not going to work

The cart bag pictured was purchased for testing. Of all the bags we observed and measured this one looked to be the least friendly to the SHOOTZ club holders. It was purchased as I thought that we would have to use it for testing and re-design. Everything looked wrong with this bag. Curved rows, dome shaped dividers, carry handle interference and small triangular club wells in each corner. Why the club wells get taller towards the front of the bag is a mystery.


Easy Peezy

Dropped the SHOOTZ in what we call the standard formation and done. They work. A few fitment issues but none that affect the usage of the clubs. The 9 iron and pitching wedge blocks sit on the dividers. The sand wedge fits in the small triangular well but also sits on the divider. The Lob wedge actually sits inside the larger club well. But they work. This is my daily bag now and none of those fitment issues affect the function of these holders. You can easily grab the carry handles to lift the bag onto the cart.


Battle Formation

This is how I like to arrange my clubs when golfing. It takes but a few seconds to lift the outside tubes out, turn them 90 degrees and drop them back in. Super easy and super convenient. I turn them back for transport. It takes 2 seconds, I timed it.

We have a dozen sets of prototypes being used daily in different bags and a few users have varied from this formation to suit their preference or bag configuration, whatever works for you!

Club holders in a push cart

Push Cart, No problem

When testing, we literally ran this cart over rough ground while shaking the handle as hard as we could. What happened? The bag fell out of the cart before a single club moved in the SHOOTZ. Removing and replacing the clubs is effortless.