Covid-19 news

Outstanding orders have been fulfilled and production has stopped as of March 12th. We will not be taking new orders or payment until it is safe to do so. If you wish you may still submit a quote request via the button below and you will be notified when we start production again. Stay safe everyone.


Another Special Edition.

I'll stop making special editions when I run out of ideas and/or colors.

This one needs no explanation. Priced the same as a regular set. Why just offer them in different colors when you can do something cool with them, right?

Here's how they are made

 Short video of the extruder in action. shown are my American version  blocks. They are made upside down to avoid having to make supports in  some areas and for a cleaner top surface. You can see they are hollow  with infill supports to make them as light as possible .


Canadian and American Editions now available

In Regular and Superlight

Shown are the Regular Black, Red Canadian and Blue American editions. All will be priced the same. There will be an up charge on the Superlight versions of these as they are labor intensive.


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Now Available in Superlight!

A full set of 10 Shootz Holders weighs 8lbs. The tops weigh only 34 grams each, most of the extra weight is in the tubes. While fine for push carts and power carts this may be a bit much for a carry bag. My full set bag with with regular holders and all my gear weighs 40 pounds, 10 pounds less than what the tour Caddies lug around. Ouch for them.

The Superlights weigh only 4.5 pounds a set. I have a carry bag tester using them now. This is labor intensive so there will be a surcharge. I have a hole punch machine arriving on the 20th and if it streamlines the operation I may offer it standard. Stay tuned

Limited Sales are now available!

Limited stock is here! And the first sale is in the books! Get yours now before Christmas.

Shootz version 2.0


 Shootz 2.0! A few size tweaks and a number plate but the biggest change is the clubs are rotated 20 degrees in the blocks. This allows you to remove and replace the clubs with no interference from the ones behind it. Made from a new material too. PETG, this is made from recycled bottles and is both stronger and softer than the prototype material. Production has started. Store opening soon. 

Carbon Fiber club holders

Carbon Fiber Founders Edition

 2nd big news! The founders edition carbon fiber Shootz are here and they are gorgeous. While weight savings is minimal they have to be seen in person to be believed. The blocks are made with carbon fiber infused filament while the tubes are wrapped in vinyl.

Shootz Golf Demo video

Please be kind :) It's my first time in front of a camera. My channel is here:
Shootz Golf Youtube channel.

Shootz Golf Studio

SHOOTZ Golf club holders 2.0

I guess the first big news is that there is now a Shootz Golf Studio. First video is in the can and will be up soon. The set of pink holders on the left are for another soon to be announced Shootz Golf brand ambassador. Stay tuned. Patti Valero's custom fit irons, bag and travel case are ready to go. Patti is coming to Canada on August 12th for the Canadian Amputee Championships. I will be delivering these to her (before her practice round) and following her for 3 days as well as sneaking away for a round or 2 with her husband. Excited!

Patti chose the TaylorMade P790's and the Callaway Mack Daddy wedge. These are top rated clubs for the mid to low Handicapper.

Golf club holders

Final Prototype is ready for production

This is the final version of our club holders and organizers. Made them 2 millimeters larger all round and the curved face now covers the whole front. First run will be 50 sets (500 units). Most will be tagged for promo and giveaways. Sign up on my site to gets updates and a chance to win a free set. The black and white really pops! I will still offer a white with black letters set. They get dirty for sure but clean up easy with a damp cloth wipe. I am making a set in pink for a soon to be announced third Shootz Golf brand ambassador (Babe).

Oversize bag club holders

Oversize set available too

These are designed for 9.5" and wider bags. Pictured is the Ogio bag from the fitment page. The regular set of our holders worked fine in this bag but these are the Bee's knees! They have a 2" tube (Regular size is a 1.7" tube) and a larger block so they fit snugger in bigger bags. You will be able to mix and match sizes to get the best fit for your bag. See the Fitment page for details.