Introducing SKULLZ!

Shootz Golf is proud to announce a new product line.

Ever innovating, Shootz Golf now offers a lighter, more economical version of our regular Shootz golf club holders and organizers. Scroll down to find out more and then head on over to the buy now page to get your quote.


What are SKULLZ?

SKULLZ are a new top design. The blocks lock together front and rear and stack shortest to longest clubs.


But why?

Unlike our regular full length SHOOTZ the tubes are only 12" (30cm) long. The front row sits on your bag's dividers and the SKULLZ stack back from there. Your clubs sit in the wedge and are suspended off the bottom of your bag. They are feather light, more economical and great for carry bags.


Which Model is right for you?

Our SHOOTZ holders are free standing, have a cleaner look and a full length tube. SKULLZ are lighter and cost less. Unsure which is right for you? Fill out our free quote form and submit your questions there.


Retaining ring

Staggered blocks

Staggered blocks


In a few bags the front row of SKULLZ will sit too low in the bag and the clubs will not sit in the block properly. Just slide on the included retaining rings and adjust to the desired height. A few drops of the included krazy glue will hold it in place. There must be a divider between the 2 tubes.

Staggered blocks

Staggered blocks

Staggered blocks


SKULLZ can be offset to suit different divider configurations.