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By us I mean me :)

  My name is Bill and I am the Inventor of this product and the founder of Shootz Golf. I have been a Land Surveyor, Structural Engineering Technician and an IT Consultant. I live in Western Canada and try to take a Golf trip every winter. An avid golfer for over 40 years (yikes!). It's my only healthy obsession. 

  The way golf bags are designed has always had me thinking there must be a better way. I do not know of anyone that did not have the same complaints that I had.  There have been thousands of patents filed worldwide for devices like this, all are impractical and some are downright hare brained.

  I've been doing computer modelling since the 80's but the advent of affordable consumer 3D printing allowed me to start producing and testing prototypes. This is the result. I know you'll like it. I love using these, but I'm biased. Feedback from my testers has been every bit as positive. When I power cart golf with another tester the silence is absolute bliss. So like yea, this product will improve your game. Innovations like this are rapidly running us out of excuses.


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